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We understand that International Moving maybe the most stressful part of your relocation abroad. Meticulous preparation is
therefore vital to help you overcome last-minute problems. At AMR, we designed this check list to remind you the essential steps of
Moving to ensure a stress-free move.
Two Months
Your Move
Contact AMR International Relocation
an appointment with AMR for a pre-move survey at your residence and try to book the date of move as soon as possible
Arrange to obtain: passport, visa, work permit, international driving license.....
Consider cancelling subscriptions which may require three months’ notice.
One month
Moving Date
Sell or give to friends any items you are not going to bring abroad
Check Our packing instruction to avoid taking forbidden items in the shipment.(e.g. alcohol, wine, books,
 copies of videotape, animals, medicine, plant, ivory etc.)
Consider temporary accomodation at your destination for the period before delivery of your consignment.
Advice your landlord or real estate agent the moving date, in China usually we need an exit permit from the management of your compound, they can only release the goods with landlord's confirmation.
Advice your contact person at AMR if you have any changes of your move(date, destination, shedule....)
Keep aside passports, documents, travel tickets, personal effects and clothing that you don’t wish to send with the move one day before the move date.
On Moving Day You must be present, not children or Ayi!
Talk with the supervisor of the packing crew and advice the items needed to be packed before packing
Check with the supervisor room by room to ensure everything to be moved before crew's departure
Sign all the exportation docs(eg inventory, customs form, power of attorney, insurance form and so on)
Pass your original passport and Alien Employment Permit to Supervisor. Do not forget to ask for a goods and docs receipt from Supervisor
One Week
 Your arrival
Contact with Destination Agent ASAP to get acknowledge of customs clearance facility in destination
Obtain all the related docs from local bureau(eg. Residence permit, work permit and so on) and pass them to the destinaiotn agent for a smooth clearance
Advice the destination agent the delivery address and access of your house
Delivery Date You must be present!
Check the number of all your package on your inventory.
Unpack all the furnitures and cartons and verify all the items are in good condition
Make a note on the inventory or agent's delivery docs in case of any exceptions of goods if you need to claim.
Need more information? Please feel free to get in touch with your contact person at AMR.
 Q: Is AMR a full licensed moving company in China?
A: Yes, we are full licensed company. In additional, we are members of many international groups of movers like IAM,ARA

Q: What's the advantage of AMR in this industry?
A: AMR is founded by several young professionals in this industry.As a growing relocation company,we respect the oppotunite to work with any kinds of customer!We understand our customer's budget and provide a competitive price regardless the size of the move.

Q: Will my stuff be packed well to avoid damage?
A: All our packers are experienced and well trained, some of them worked in this industry for 10years. Meanwhile, we use professional packing materials to protect your stuff during the transportation.

Q: Do I need to insure my shipment?
A: ALTHOUGH we will take our utmost care to your belongings, but we can only provide limited coverage for any damage/lose if any exceptions found in destination.We strongly recommend you to insure your shipment.

Q: What should I before/after the move date?
A: We provided a detailed checking list for our client, you can download it directly from our website or request from one of our sales person

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