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 Related documents for import permit (Non-Chinese Mainland Citizenship required)
- Foreign Passport Holders:
1. Original Passport
2. Original Alien Employment Permit (must be valid for one full year)
3. Original Residence Permit (stamped on passport, must be valid for one full year)
4. If client also holds Representative Certificate, it will also have to be provided to customs.
If the validity of the work permit & residence permit is not full than one year (at least 10months), customs may request an explanation letter from both client and employer.

- Returning Citizen (Chinese Mainland Only)
Please check with us case by case for returning citizens, the followings are only some of the restrictions for shipment.
1. Original Passport
2. Valid Visa in the passport to prove the stay abroad is legal/valid (Work/Student Visa)
3. Original Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration
4. Original Hukou(for Beijing Only)
Country of origin of shipment should match the foreign valid visa.

Shanghai Customs is very strict on returning citizen, they should not import too many books and DVDs
Air- 30 books, 50pics of CDs, DVDs or Tapes
Sea- 50 books, 100 pieces of CDs, DVDs or Tapes

Beijing Customs are contemplating implementing a limit of duties exemption on the
entire shipment and any excess will be dutiable. If the client has a bigger shipment,
customs may require the client to provide one letter to explain his return after his
employment or completion of studies abroad and advise the number of all family
members returning together. The passports of all family members may be required to
support the importation of a large shipment.

- Hong Kong/Macau Residents:
1. Original Identity Card of Hong Kong/Macau
2. Original Hui Xiang Zheng(回乡证)
3. Original Work Permit(工作证) must be valid for one full year
4. Original Zan Zhu Zheng(暂住证) must be valid for one full year
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